2016. Census Profile - Age, Sex, Type of Dwelling, Families, Households, Marital Status and Language for Canada, Provinces and Territories and Federal Electoral Districts

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Additional Information

Field Value
Census year 2016
Data type Profile of a community or region
  • Age, sex at birth, and gender
  • Families, households, and marital status
  • Housing
  • Language — First official language spoken
  • Language — Knowledge of languages
  • Language — Language at home
  • Language — Mother tongue
  • Population and demography
Geographical area
  • Province or territory (PR)
  • Federal electoral district (FED)
Geography (352)
Profile of Federal Electoral Districts (2013 Representation Order) (660)
Sex (3)
Language of dataset
  • English
  • French
Authors and contributors

Adapted from Statistics Canada, 98-401-X2016015, 2016. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

Product number 98-401-X2016015
Date published 2024-03-30