2016. Census Profile - Age, Sex, Type of Dwelling, Families, Households, Marital Status, Language, Income, Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity, Housing, Aboriginal Peoples, Education, Labour, Journey to Work, Mobility and Migration, and Language of Work for Economic Regions

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Additional Information

Field Value
Census year 2016
Data type Profile of a community or region
  • Age, sex at birth, and gender
  • Commuting
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Ethnocultural and religious diversity
  • Environment
  • Families, households, and marital status
  • Housing
  • Immigration, place of birth, and citizenship
  • Income, pensions, spending, and wealth
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Labour
  • Language — First official language spoken
  • Language — Knowledge of languages
  • Language — Language at home
  • Language — Language at work
  • Language — Mother tongue
  • Mobility and migration
  • Population and demography
Geographical area Economic region (ER)
Geography (90)
Profile of Economic Regions (90)
Sex (3)
Language of dataset
  • English
  • French
Authors and contributors

Adapted from Statistics Canada, 98-401-X2016049, 2016. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of this product.

Product number 98-401-X2016049
Date published 2024-03-30